on the confluence of television and books…

or, the tv show is never as good as the book. unless it came first. and then there’s the theatrical movie. and sometimes stage plays.

never mind.

so, i just finished the latest Harry Dresden book, White Night. very good, as usual with Jim Butcher’s work (i think his Spider-Man novel is possibly the best presentation of the character outside the 4-colour world). strangely for Harry, he’s not in hospital at the end of the book, and everything mostly works out for the best. sort of. and that’s all the spoilers you get.

as a fan of Harry Dresden, i’ve attempted to watch the SciFi Channel‘s new tv series based on the character. notice i say attempted.

there have been a lot of changes and minor tweaks, some of them acceptable (i can understand having an actor play Bob instead of CGIng him in), some of them not-so-acceptable (no Blue Beetle, Justin being Harry’s uncle, Murph having a kid, Murph being 5’8″ and Hispanic instead of 5’0″ and Irish).

notice the ratio of acceptable to not?


while i applaud SciFi for attempting to put something original on the schedule that isn’t Stargate or a B-movie, it would have been nice had they at least tried to cleave a little closer to the source material.

rundown of the major differences by Zap2It.

so, my recommendations would be:

don’t watch the show. or do watch the show. just keep in mind it isn’t really Harry Dresden.

and, read the books. cannot stress this enough – probably the best urban/modern fantasy in print today. vampires (four different kinds, even!), werewolves (five kinds), Faerie Queenes (good and bad, but which is which?), fallen angels (two thousand years in a coin will give you such a crick in the neck!), zombie dinosaurs (yep), flaming poo-flinging monkey demons (the poo is flaming, not the demons), The Dresden Files have it all…

quote of the day:

‘ “Oh, what would you like on your vegetarian pizza?”
“Dead pigs and cows,” I said.
She glanced up at me and wrinkled her nose.
“They’re vegetarians,” I said defensively. ‘ – Inari Raith and Harry Dresden, Blood Rites


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