last month, something terrible happened…

a legend died.

there has been a lot of commentary about this in the past month, and those who are much more eloquent than i have had their say, but i still have to share my comments about this.

on March 7, Marvel Comics released Captain America Vol. 5 No. 25, the (now famous) issue that killed Steve Rogers. the world was barraged with headlines such as “Captain America Killed Outside Courthouse” and “Captain America Is Dead; National Hero Since 1941.”

was it a stunt to sell issues? definitely. was it necessary? definitely not. but was it a well-written and powerful story?

emphatically, yes.

though i have no belief this will be handled well in the long term (or was even a good idea in the short term), i must say that Ed Brubaker did a great job telling this story. the dialogue and pacing was spot-on, with each character (in an unusual change for recent Marvel books) acting totally in character.

but that doesn’t change this into a good idea.

Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief for Marvel) stated, “He hasn’t been living in the modern world and the world does move.” so he didn’t spend all his time on MySpace and YouTube (actual criticisms levelled at him in the book!), rotting his brain. Rogers believed in a United States where liberty and freedom meant citizens were actually free, not highly restricted and anesthetized moronic residents of an ever-tightening police state. sorry, Mr. Quesada. i’ve got to agree with Joe Simon (the 93-year-old surviving member of the duo who created Cap) in stating, “We really need him now.”

we do. with a society that is more and more fragmented by the hatemongering and rabid, pressure-filled proselytizing coming from every side. Right vs. Left, Green vs. Anti-Green, etc. there is entirely too much conflict and not enough union in our United States. Steve Rogers as Captain America was a “living” embodiment of our positive values, and his wanton murder by those who should have been working to continue and spread his message of what it meant to be an American is a terrible, terrible thing.

Stan “The Man” Lee summed it up with his comment, “He was a great guy and certainly America could use a man like that right now.”

yes, we certainly could.

quote of the day:

“Give me the good old days of heroes and villains, the people you can bravo or hiss. There was a truth to them that all the slick credulity of today cannot touch.” – Bette Davis


2 Responses to “last month, something terrible happened…”

  1. jaz Says:

    Cap was a good guy.

    In stories, he always reminded me of those rare individuals you just feel that you can trust. One of the people who won’t sneer at those weaker than himself or use his power to put himself above others.

    In the age of spin, “no-spin,” division, finger-pointing, blaming, and anger, that is exactly the kind of person we need more of, and soon. Where are they?

  2. jhota Says:

    exactly. i’m afraid the new Cap (because there’s no way there won’t be a new Cap) will be the diametric opposite of Steve Rodgers.

    probably end up with someone more like Frank Castle. i’m guessing Bucky will step in, and isn’t that the perfect Captain America? a cyborged ex-Soviet asssasin. yay.

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