some things that have been bothering me lately…

beach cricket. say what? at least beach volleyball’s attractions are obvious. this is just a bit too odd.

iPods not welcome in NYC intersections. look, i’ve got a couple words to define my opinion on those who let their headphones get them killed: natural selection. not saying that they shouldn’t pay attention to their surroundings, but do we really need legislation for this?

and finally, where is everybody? i’ve been hearing a lot of “chatter,” as it were, about UFOs recently. i can’t say that i believe in them (as alien visitors – i believe that there are lots of things that are unidentified). if you had some sort of star drive and the whole universe to play in, why would you want to visit a planet full of paranoid, trigger-happy hairless apes?

yeah, me neither.

quote of the day:

“I wanted to sniff those flowers, and fly!” – William Shatner


One Response to “some things that have been bothering me lately…”

  1. Janet Says:

    Although paranoid, trigger-happy apes could be fun to mess with for light years at a time …

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