mmmm… beer…

time for installment deux of my drinking habits series… and tonight’s beer is homebrew.


originally planned as a holiday/winter beer, this one didn’t actually get finished until right before Christmas. it’s a little stronger than i normally brew (somewhere between 8.5-9% alcohol by volume), and has lots of nice flavour and body. some “special” ingredients include a pound and a half of honey, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla bean (not bean extract). i used Hallertauer and Cascade hops for flavour and bouquet, respectively.

a very nice glass of beer, if i do say so myself.

as an aside, anybody out there who has some ideas on how best to light a glass of beer for photography would be a help.

quote of the day:

“If my mother was tied up and held ransom, I might think about making a light beer.” – Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone Brewing Company


One Response to “mmmm… beer…”

  1. j Says:

    My #1 complaint about your drinking series is that we can’t taste your beer via this weblog. Doesn’t WordPress have a ‘beer sharing widget?’

    I was never much one for teasing.

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