reading list, part deux…

so, in my last post i listed the ongoing comic book series i read regularly, and promised to write about the limited series i read as well. i’m going to ignore one-shots.

i think that limiteds are more interesting, in a way, than ongoing titles. the authors and artists are able (and even encouraged) to take chances and explore different ideas. whether by design or accident, they can also have greater effects on ongoing storylines than the usual periodical issues of comics can.

so, on with the listage!

52 – follow-up to DC’s Infinite Crisis, this is probably the most ambitious project in comics in a very long time. telling the stories of a year without Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, this book has an unheard-of weekly release schedule (hence the name). not to be missed, but it may be a little late to start it now.

1602: Fantastick Four – it’s the Fantastic Four, but in the time of James I of England. not bad, but i’d suggest waiting for the trade.

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures – i’ve blogged about this one before. thoroughly enjoying it, even though it’s not perfect. it does capture the feel of LKH‘s book rather well, i think.

Bullet Points – this is an interesting one: it takes one event in the Marvel U continuity (the assasination of Dr. Emil Erskine by a Nazi agent) and changes the date to one day earlier, changing the entire path of Earth-616‘s history.

Civil War – this is Marvel’s big crossover event of 2006. due to entirely too many delays, it’s running into 2007. good art, but with some shaky characterization and plotting. if i’d known how bad it was going to be, i’d have stayed away.

Civil War: Frontline – this is a tie-in book to the main title. surprisingly, it’s been very good. the main story is told from the point of view of two journalists covering the war between the heroes. perhaps they should have skipped the main book and just published this one.

Doctor Strange: The Oath – i’m reading this one because it’s all about my favorite deus ex machina in comics. Dr. Strange is probably my favorite of Stan Lee’s creations, and probably one of the least well-known to those who don’t read comics. a very good series so far, it has enough background in it for those who aren’t fans of the Sorcerer Supreme to follow the action and character motivations.

Ion: Guardian of the Universe – to be honest, i’m not sure why i’m reading this one. but i am enjoying it.

The New Avengers: Illuminati – what if there was a secret group who controlled the world? yeah, yeah, i know. but this book is setting up for the World War Hulk event, so i’m picking it up.

OMAC, Trials of Shazam!Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters – all spinoff/cleanup series following DC’s Infinite Crisis event. unless you read Infinite Crisis, don’t bother. if you did, i highly recommend all three. the writing and art (while very different in style across the books) is all superb.

Tales of the Unexpected – i’m getting this one for the backup Dr. 13 feature. ghost pirates, vampires, Nazi gorillas, this title has everything!

Wisdom – a Marvel MAX title, this one’s a bit odd. not for the kids!

X-23: Target X – this title tells X-23‘s life story through a series of flashbacks. again, not for kids! probably uninteresting to anyone not at least vaguely familiar with the character as well.

well, that’s about it. happy reading, everyone!

quote of the day:

“There is, by God’s grace, an imeasurable difference between late and too late.” – Madame Swetchine


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