my pull list…

so, i was asked at the recent (last night) local blogger meet-up what comics i read. upon reflection, i thought the titles on my pull list might be interesting to folks that weren’t there, as well as a little commentary.

so, i’ll start with the ongoing series first:

The Amazing Spider-Girl – set in the future of an alternate Marvel universe (Earth-982, if anybody cares), May “Mayday” Parker is the daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, and the heir to the Spider-Man mantle. fun and fairly light, it’s a nice throwback to the simpler superhero books of the past.

Captain America – o.k., who doesn’t know Captain America?

Devi – this book is published by Virgin Comics (yes, that Virgin – Richard Branson sure gets into  everything, doesn’t he?) that draws upon the myths and legends of the Indian subcontinent for its inspiration. probably the single best-looking comic i read, and the writing is growing almost as good as the art. highly recommended.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive – current Flash comic, focusing on Bart Allen (Flash #4), grandson of Barry Allen (Flash #2).

Gen¹³ – a Wildstorm imprint, it’s a pretty standard superhero team book. only the heros are all teenagers on the run from mysterious, powerful villains.

Ghost Rider – dude with a flame-shrouded skull that rides a burning motorcycle, fighting evil. ’nuff said.

Green Lantern Corps – comic with an ensemble cast that follows the various adventures of the members of the DC Universe’s largest law enforcement organization.

The Incredible HulkHULK SMASH! i’m enjoying this more than anything else i’m reading right now. the current “Planet Hulk” story line is well plotted and written, with a diverse and fascinating supporting cast. great art, too. definitely one to pick out of the back-issue bins or buy when it comes out in trade.

Jonah Hex – old-fashioned Western comic. no superscience, no magic, just classic six-gun action.

Justice League of America – commonly referred to as “JLA,” this is the team book with all the big guns. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman. all here. currently in the midst of a relaunch, this book has been getting great reviews.

Justice Society of America – the oldest of the all-star superhero teams (both in publication history and the in-comic age of its core characters), JSA is only two issues into a relaunch – and looking great.

New Avengers – created in the 60’s as an answer to DC’s JLA, the Avengers were relaunched in 2004 as the “New” Avengers. though i’ve been enjoying it, Marvel’s current Civil War limited series has me wondering about the future of this book. also has the dubious distinction of re-introducing The Sentry to the Marvel U.

New Excalibur – British located “X” comic, this team book features some of my favourite characters in the Marvel U (Dazzler, Juggernaut and Pete Wisdom) and storylines that send the team from modern London to Arthur’s Camelot and beyond.

Teen Titans – sort of a junior JLA, this is a long-running favourite of mine. like most DC titles, it’s currently in the midst of a relaunch.

Witchblade – not sure if i’m going to keep getting this title, as the eponymous weapon of the series is about to leave Sara Pezzini for a new bearer.

Wolverine: Origins – a series based around Logan’s rememberance of past events (as sparked by his current adventures). another one i’m not sure i’ll keep getting – i’m just not that big a Wolverine fan.

Wonder Woman – and finally, the last ongoing series i buy regularly. one of the very first superheroines in comics, i’m enjoying the relaunch of this title so far.

there are other ongoing books i’ll pick up on an irregular basis, but these are the titles i get without fail. tomorrow, i’ll run down the limited series books on my pull list…

quote of the day:

“In comic strips, the person on the right always speaks first.” – George Carlin


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