i guess i’m switching to Cingular…

at least i will be once the iPhone becomes available…

quote of the day:

“The bathtub was invented in 1850 and the telephone in 1875.  In other words, if you had been living in 1850, you could have sat in the bathtub for 25 years without having to answer the phone.”  – Bill DeWitt


3 Responses to “i guess i’m switching to Cingular…”

  1. Stewart Says:

    OK, yeah. Uh.

    So we have a device that runs OSX and looks gorgeous


    So it syncs up via iTunes.

    All right.

    So, whopping 8gb room excepted, it functionally cribs every-single-thing else from a modern Treo then eh?

    Uh, *fart* *yawn*

  2. jhota Says:


  3. Stewart Says:


    Apple makes some great stuff, but I’m enough of a pragmatist to call bullshit when I see it.

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