280 milligrams seems a bit much…

so there’s a new energy drink available in the exploding extreme beverage market: Cocaine.

never mind the probably irresponsible name – that’s another issue entirely. what i find disturbing is the caffeine content – 280 mg per serving. the “old man” of the energy drink market, Red Bull, has 80 mg in a 8.3 ounce serving. Mountain Dew has a “mere” 55 mg in a 12 oz serving, and Coke Classic has a paltry 34 mg.

i think adults should be allowed to do just about anything they want to themselves as long as it doesn’t hurt others, so who cares whether they drink this stuff or not. but what about children who get their hands on this? excessive consumption of caffeine can have detrimental physical effects (bone loss is one), ignoring the negative impact on behavior. though children aren’t affected any “more” than adults are by caffeine, their lower body mass causing higher concentrations in their system would seem to increase health risks – particularly given the insane amount of caffeine in this new drink.

any non-alcoholic beverage that warns off children and pregnant women on their website bothers me a bit, i guess.

quote of the day:

“Widespread caffeine use explains a lot about the twentieth century.” – Greg Egan


10 Responses to “280 milligrams seems a bit much…”

  1. Stewart Says:

    …so we’ll be swilling this via CamelBak on our next century then? Sounds like the perfect antidote to the 59-mile slump.

    The name of this product is plain wrong. Gawdawful. Can’t wait to see how long it takes for this one to go the way of Joe Camel.

  2. jhota Says:

    what’s really disturbing is that the makers of this stuff consider me a “press” site… as of this posting, i’m the #1 link on their press page.

  3. Nick Says:

    thanks for the expletives and vitriol, Nick. maybe you should learn how to read (Cocaine has 280 mg of caffeine, not sugar) and lay off the ‘roids (or whatever’s got you so cranked off because somebody else has an opinoin).

    never said adults shouldn’t be allowed to drink it, just commented on the fact caffeine is physically harmful in large amounts.

    oh, and i’m not a baby boomer. missed that by almost two decades.

  4. kyle Says:

    id just like to say, the reason you are on their press site is because it goes by date, not just because of what you wrote. I do agree, the name of the drink seems a bit “different”, but I do believe that it is not harmful. I believe that people may think the drink might be something different, but not offensive.

  5. jhota Says:

    kyle, i realize that i’m where i am on the Cocaine site due to date. i just find it amusing that i’m considered “press” at all. i use this blog as a place to vent my own diseased intellect, not to report news!

    i’m not really hung up on the name thing – Nick also thought that. i think it’s dumb and borderline irresponsible, but it’s a free country – they can name it whatever they want, and if it helps sales, more power to them.

    and i don’t care whether adults drink it or not – what one puts in one’s body is up to the adult. but i do wonder (and worry) about the possible effects of excess caffeine consumption on children. that’s the whole thrust of the body paragraph of my blog post. i don’t understand why people aren’t getting that.

    but thanks for your rational, non-offensive comment.

  6. Jt Hollister Says:

    Teens ought to have just as many rights as adults. A parent always has the right to vetoe a drink, but for god’s sake, you can’t make caffeine illegal under 21! That would be stupid.

    One drink of cocaine a day won’t harm anyone, and I doubt many even have that much.

  7. jhota Says:

    notice in my post i say “children.” a child is a human being generally aged between 0 and 12 years. 280 mg of caffeine a day certainly could harm them.

    and this is getting a bit far from the original post, but teens should not have as many rights as adults (unless they have the special legal status of an emancipated minor). partially due to emotional and mental immaturity, but mostly for legal reasons.

    but i agree, if teenagers want to drink this stuff, fine. their bodies are pretty much physically mature, and they should live long enough to undo any damage this drink may do.

    children are a different matter: their bodies are still maturing, and their intake of any substance that can have a detrimental effect on the growing process should be very limited, if not totally avoided.

    once again, i posted about my concerns on the possible detrimental effects on children. not adolescents, not adults. children.

  8. ME Says:

    uhmmmm…alcohol is legal and it fucks up children if they get too much, so why arent you attacking the alchohol industry…

  9. jhota Says:

    because alcohol isn’t legal for children, and access to it is controlled by law. same thing for tobacco. duh.

    figured that would be obvious. guess not.

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