in vino veritas…

’tis true! ’tis true!

not particularly in how one presents oneself to the outside world, but in the internal dialogue.

it seems to me (from personal experience) that one is more likely to be honest in personal reflection while under the influence (always in moderation, however – insensibility is non-conducive to dialogue of any kind, internal or external). but, with the application of some mental lubricant (not always alcohol – there are other substances, chocolate coming to mind, that can act as a similar euphoric), a self-honesty may result that is otherwise unattainable.

not to say that this post endorses overindulgence (or indulgence of any kind – following the definition of “indulge” as being to enjoy to excess) – far from it. instead, when one’s self-control has slipped, perhaps instead of allowing one’s baser nature to run rampant, one should use the opportunity for philosophical reflection.

or not. sometimes you just have to have fun.

quote of the day:

“Everybody’s coming back to take stock of their lives. You know what I say? Leave your livestock alone.” – Debi Newberry, Grosse Pointe Blank


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