20,000 BBC listeners…

can be wrong.

on New Year’s Day, BBC Radio 2 held a call-in “contest” to determine “The Greatest British Band of All Time,” chosen from a line up of five bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Oasis and Take That. yeah, i didn’t know who Take That was either.

20,000 called in, and Queen beat out both the Fab Four and the Stones (who are the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band”). personally, i have no clue how Oasis was even in the running – much less a 90’s boy band like Take That.

but how could Queen beat The Beatles? i realize, based on time spent on the UK charts, that Queen is “bigger than The Beatles” (or even Elvis), but “greatest” band? i hate to say it, but the voters are nuts. The Beatles are the most commercially sucessful and musically influential band in history, while Queen was (is?) a great band – they’re not The Beatles. if it hadn’t been for Freddie Mercury’s untimely death, they would probably have continued to grow and mature, but we’ll never know.

quote of the day:

“We like this kind of music. Jazz is strictly for stay-at-homes.” – Buddy Holly


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