Happy New Year!

so, it’s now 2007. hopefully it will be better than 2006.

uncountable issues caused concern and heartache last year: the war in Iraq, continuing social fallout from Katrina, nationwide increases in violent crime, global environmental problems, you name it.

but happy things happened last year too, though they may have been drowned out by the negatives: both the Iowa and Wisconsin were finally stricken from the Naval Register (both allowing them to retire as museums and ending the “Age of the Battleship”), women voted for the first time in Kuwait’s National Assembly, Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream was recovered from thieves (after two years), the Superdome re-opened, and Luke & Laura got re-married.

(o.k., that last one’s kind of silly. but it still “happened.”)

so last year wasn’t all bad, no matter what some people say. just like this year won’t be all bad (or all good). but what we all can do is work together to make the world the best place we can.

i’d like to end this with a quote from James Brown:

“We gotta love each other again.”

Happy New Year, everyone.


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