Christmas dinner report…

first, a little background. there’s no set, traditional Christmas dinner menu at our house. some years we have turkey, some ham, some we go out, etc.

this year, consensus led us to a menu of roast beef (standing rib, to be precise) with Yorkshire pudding. dessert is the one item that is traditional around here: plum pudding.

Geoff was apparently astounded by either my knowledge of, or perhaps appreciation of, this traditionally English meal. so, after discovering that my mother makes a proper Yorkshire pudding (not popover-style), he requested pictures.

i decided i’d do a mini shoot of the whole process (well, not us eating it). this is the result:

first, you need a recipie. this is the recipie my mother uses (and has used for ages, as evidenced by the condition of the cookbook). this is the entire recipie, sans explanatory images, so if anybody wants to try this at home, feel free.

so, you need a pan or pans next, right? here are the two pans, already prepared with the beef drippings from the roast:

next, you’ll pour the batter in the pans (i’m not showing the batter being made, because that’s boring):

mmmm, batter.

shortly, this wonderful goodness will come from the oven:


and here’s a blurry picture of the plum pudding being torched (after being slathered with booze):

i don’t really like plum pudding, so a blurred photo’s all you get. sorry.

(food) quote of the evening:

“It is impossible to read English novels without realizing how important a part food plays in the mental as in the physical life of the Englishman.” – Elisabeth Luther Cary


One Response to “Christmas dinner report…”

  1. Stewart Says:

    Right on, down with turkey and ham for Christmas Dinner!

    What warms the heart most on Christmas morning? Seeing one’s father loading a whole beef tenderloin into the oven…

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