finally, a post that actually has to do with alcohol…

i first heard of this on the radio, and found it (as a brewer) absolutely fascinating.

recently, a cache of beer was discovered in the vaults of the William Worthington’s White Shield brewery, located in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

to be expected in a brewery, you say? possibly. but some of this cache is 137 years old – and reportedly still good!

as a brewer (though admittedly very small-scale), this proof that vintage aged beers are possible, and perhaps even desireable, opens new areas of speculation about what courses to try with new recipes…

as an aside, Burton-upon-Trent is also the birthplace of Marmite. take that however you wish.

quote of the evening:

“Would I were in an alehouse in London! I would give all my fame for a pot of ale, and safety.” – Boy, Henry V, Act 3, Scene II


4 Responses to “finally, a post that actually has to do with alcohol…”

  1. Chuck Boyd Says:

    It appears you brew your own beer so you might enjoy a book I recently reviewed for the Post and Courier: AMBITIOUS BREW, The Story of American Beer, by Maureen Ogle.

    My comments ran in the paper a few Sundays ago but you can find it on


  2. factorypeasant Says:

    137 years old huh? wacky. i’m surprised it didn’t turn into varnish or something nasty.

  3. maggie Says:

    137 years old? isn’t that older than the USA itself?

  4. jhota Says:

    well, no. depending on what date you pick, the USA is 230, 229, 225 or 218 years old.

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