realized i needed another category…

one for splenetic venting.

what brought this on? a realization that a lot of this blog is complaints.


and i’m actually such a happy person.

so, some minor tidbits:

the latest version of iTunes (, for those of you reading this in the far future when it’s hit version 5,000 or so) is ticking me off. not in any major way, but in little, irritating ways.

for example, if you have a playlist of songs that isn’t set to repeat, iTunes will now get to the end of the last track and stop, without marking the last track as completed playing. minor issue, you say? sure. but this means tracks don’t get added or removed from various other playlists that are dependent on playcount. who screwed this up? prior to iTunes 7, if a song played to the end, it played to the end and was marked as such. no matter if there was another item to be played after it or not.

also, if you plug in an iPod, it automatically loads that iPod (great, that’s what i want) and forgets what you are doing otherwise, unless you are actually listening to music. in other words, if you are browsing a playlist or doing anything else rather than passively listening to music, you get dumped to the new (rather nice) iPod interface. well, great. if i want to change stuff on the iPod i will, guys. i know how to find it. but if i’m plugging it in, i probably just want to charge it and let the bloody podcasts update. sheesh.

in my next rant, i’m going to go all Henry Higgins over some stuff that’s been bothering me.

quote of the vitriolic spasm:

“Considering the current sad state of our computer programs, software development is clearly still a black art, and cannot yet be called an engineering discipline.” – Bill Clinton


One Response to “realized i needed another category…”

  1. geofftech Says:

    I’m with you on the iTunes 7 bugs as well! they’ve also meddles with the ‘playcount’ tally thing in ways that are too hard to describe here, but it does seem that for all the ‘improvements’ they’ve introduced some annoying features too.

    they’ve moved all movies to a folder called ‘movies’ too without telling you – but only for NEW ones that you upload. plus, i can no longer see where the downloaded music videos that i know i’ve got are in iTunes – as they don’t appear in the normal list of tracks.

    too many changes in one release.

    oh, and the latest firmware STILL doesn’t address the bug of not being able to scroll to a specific song by an artist if you have one album that IS tagged by that artists, and a few tracks with no album tags. it’s VERY VERY stupid and VERY annoying – as it never happened before iTunes6, and iTunes7 still does not fix it.

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