so i didn’t intend to talk about comic books again this soon, but:

it is Wednesday, so it’s new comic book day and topical.

i found out that one of my favorite book series is being adapted to comic book form, beginning in October.

turns out that Marvel Comics has inked a deal to adapt Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series to comic form. you can check out Marvel’s news story and sample pages here, btw. the art really looks fantastic, and i already know i like the stories…

i’m a big fan of the novels, and i have to recommend them to just about anyone that’s over 17 or so – they do tend to deal with adult themes, including human tendencies to confuse and conflate sex and violence. heck, the first novel (and comic) take their title from a vampire-owned and operated strip club in the story! so i certainly wouldn’t want my young child or early teens reading them. when asked to describe what i’m reading, “racy vampire romance novel” is my usual explanation…

that said, LKH writes a ripping yarn with great characters; Anita is a strong female lead with realistic (if sometimes a bit exaggerated) personal issues and flaws, Jean-Claude is both a menace and a romantic figure (he’s a fantastically beautiful and masculine vampire, so there’s your sex and violence together right there) and my personal favorite, Edward, is just your cuddly neighborhood psychopathic serial killer and bounty hunter (but he’s a good guy! really!).

i think the comics should be a bit more friendly than the books, however. not that the books aren’t! but Marvel has stated, not an intent to tone down, but an intent to make sure that the comics are readable by as wide an audience as possible. combined with the fact that Anita herself isn’t personally sexually active until book five, the adapters should be able to keep the comics “clean.” so even if you don’t think you’d like the novels, at least give the comics a look; you may be pleasantly surprised…

but don’t say i didn’t warn you…

quote of the day:

“Lisa, vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins, and eskimos.” – Homer Simpson


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