ugh. just totally frustrated today…

car still won’t run. lots of bizzarre symptoms that make no sense. wiring harness is badly butchered anyway (thanks a lot, Sears and U-Haul!), and it ran fine before i started messing with it. darnit.

had my third test of the week today. number four is tomorrow. i’m taking four classes right now, and the test tomorrow is the second test in that class this week. ugh. my brain really isn’t functioning correctly right now.

today was payday. but my check wasn’t too hot, because we were closed Labour Day. that’s a third of my workweek gone. blech.

oh yeah, and it’s raining again. like it’s been doing for the past three weeks..

quote of the day:

“Facilis descensus Averno; sed ad auras evadere est labor!” – Virgil


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