random thoughts…

i know, calling my discoherent rantings thoughts is stretching it, but anyway:

got another “invitation” to that blasted leadership conference. still not going, and it’s not because i don’t have the $1300 ticket price. i don’t have the $1300 ticket price, so nobody ask me for money, but even if i did, i wouldn’t spend it on this. i’d spend it on this!

how do i get on these lists? it’s not like i publish my e-mail, or sign up for stuff, or even join things. i’m not really a “joiner.” is it just random spam? that would almost bother me more (for philosophical reasons) than someone out there thinking i might actually want a bass-themed (as in the fish) screensaver.

and we won’t even go into those recurring reminders that i need to get my tickets to see The Wiggles live. not saying i want to see them dead. i really don’t want to see them at all.

new topic:

so Stewart is now officially a dad. this is insanely cool, if you ask me. heck, it’s insanely cool even if you don’t ask me. so there. i’m particularly looking forward to being this kid’s “crazy uncle jj.” i plan to buy him lots of electronic toys that make noise and teach him to beat on restaraunt trays with his silverware. you hear that, guys?

new topic:

calculus sucks.

new topic:

car still doesn’t run. weirdness has ensued within the wiring harness, and i still haven’t been able to figure out why or what. brick wall vs. skull, essentially. ow.

quote of the day:

“When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” – Henny Youngman


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