so it’s five years on from 9/11.

and, while much has changed (see Stewart’s blog for one), much is still the same.

what infuriates me is that which hasn’t changed.

not the unrest in the Middle East – what’s five years compared to three thousand? not the fact that some people hate us for being us – human nature kinda sucks.

but the fact that politicians will use any opportunity to attempt to score points really ticks me off. again human nature sucks – but sometimes the word “human” seems like stretching it when applied to our esteemed leaders.

no matter which side of the debate you are on – neocon, liberal, centrist, whatever – this day, of all days should be one where you should just stfu. the anniversary of the deaths of 3,000 people should not be a day to make political hay. the administration side has been trumpeting for a couple weeks now in the run-up to the date about how good a job they’ve been doing in the “War on Terror.” the President is speaking tonight, and i’m intentionally not watching or listening – because i don’t trust him to stay non-partisan. i’m sure it’s going to be another speech like the rest he’s been making lately, about how much safer we all are because he’s doing a great job – now everyone close their eyes, because they can’t keep us safe if we’re informed or there is oversight. just shut up. today is not the day.

but the other side is just as bad – waving the bloody shirt and blaming the administration on the actions of al-Qaeda. never mind the prosecution of the war, whether it is a just war or even the right war. today you should just be silent. period.

the only things these people – again, on either side of the aisle – should be doing today are expressing any true condolences they might feel to the survivors and looking for common ground. but they have too much of a vested interest in not finding any common ground – it’s too profitable to blame the other guy.

so anyway, please take some time out – even if it’s only a moment or two – to reflect on how much better off we would be with peace at home first.

quote of the day:

“They worry one another like mastiffs, scrambling for rank and pay like apes for nuts.” – John Adams


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