so i get an “invitation” to a leadership conference…

you know, one of those business symposiums where hundreds of middle and upper level managers sit in an auditorium and listen to some shmuck lecture. and pay way too much for the privilege.

now, i’m not in management anymore – something i am glad of – but even if i was, i can’t imagine going to this one. look at the lineup of speakers:

William Jefferson Clinton: Leadership (42nd President of the United States)

now, i’m a liberal and something of a fan of our former President. but what is he going to teach me? oh, yeah, that. i already know how that works.

Lance Armstrong: Motivation (7 time Tour de France champion & cancer survivor)

again, i’m a cyclist. not a huge fan of Lance, but it’s impossible not to be impressed with his cycling record (even though it’s got nothing on Merckx’s). but how is he going to teach motivation? either you’ve got it or you don’t – at least by the time you’ve got the cash to pony up for a $1300 one-day conference..

Michael Eisner: Management (CEO Walt Disney Company 1984-2005)

yeah. management. in case i need help in pissing off 43% of my stockholders enough that they want me gone. i think i can do that without help.

Mark Burnett: Success Strategies (Producer of Survivor and The Apprentice)

success strategies: one phrase. lowest common denominator.

Peter Guber: Entrepreneurship (Former CEO of Sony Entertainment)

moving on, this guy, i think, is the crown jewel in the speaker lineup. great movie producer, sure. he produced The Color Purple and Rain Man, among others. he also managed to help (as CEO of Sony Entertainment) Sony lose $600 million and write-off another $4.8 billion. that’s “billion with a B.” you know, i think he might make sense as a speaker if the seminar was “How Not To Succeed In Business.”

Jonathan Tisch: Marketing (Chairman & CEO of Loews Hotels)

hmm. this one’s an odd fish. he’s a union-busting Democrat and personal friend of Al Gore. thing is, he inherited his money. while he hasn’t squandered it, he’s not the first person i’d go to advice on how to make it.

suffice it to say, i don’t think i’m going to this one. even if it is only $1300 for lunch and a photo with Bill.

quote of the day:

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence” – Napoleon Bonaparte


One Response to “so i get an “invitation” to a leadership conference…”

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    […] got another “invitation” to that blasted leadership conference. still not going, and it’s not because i don’t have the $1300 ticket price. i don’t have the $1300 ticket price, so nobody ask me for money, but even if i did, i wouldn’t spend it on this. i’d spend it on this! […]

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